Pain Isn’t the Only Symptom of Severe Whiplash

Whiplash is caused when the cervical spine and the head unexpectedly and rapidly rocked back and forth having a whip-crack motion. This is a serious medical condition and this action frequently results in instant pain. although the symptoms are different for every patient. And in fact, the ongoing pain is often more of a symptom of a condition which is caused by a whiplash that whiplashes itself.

There are some symptoms aside from immediate pain that may indicate whiplash. Look for an expert that could professionally deal with whiplash, someone who is familiar with all whiplash manifestations and will help patients know the signs in order for them to seek treatment effectively in a proper care of a chiropractic before the injuries worsen.

8 of the most severe whiplash symptoms

Whiplash has a wide range of form that other may seem not connected to the whiplash event. Chiropractic Biophysics evaluation, we can be sure of what it is but let’s take a look first at the common symptoms of whiplash.

Delayed pain: the pain may take more than a few days or sometimes a week to become visible. Having a minor car collision for example, if you don’t experience pain immediately, you might not connect the accident to a sudden neck pain after a few weeks.

Loss of motion: if your neck motion is reduced after a car accident or any traumatic event, you might be suffering from whiplash. This often leads to other problems if the range of motion of your neck is reduced.

Arm numbness: numbness of arm also indicates a whiplash. It might cause damage to the spinal column itself which means that the communication channels from your brain to other nerves and muscles is interrupted.

Headaches: having headaches from the base of the skull up to the back of your head might also be a sign of whiplash. This type of a headache might be a symptom common in a traumatic neck and brain injury.

Blurred vision: this is one of the not so commonly known of whiplash symptom. It could be scary when your ocular function is lost suddenly and is indicated that it needs wider medical concern. Consult your doctor immediately if you will experience blurred vision.

Depression:  this is another ailment that whiplash sufferers, depression. It might seem odd that a simple minor accident can change someone’s mood but it is common among whiplash patients to suffer from irritability or depression which is caused by everything from chronic pain to pinched nerves.

Fatigue:  chronic fatigue with sleeping problems is a severe whiplash symptom. Sometimes you will not experience pain, a sudden incursion of fatigue can be a warning sign that you are already suffering from whiplash.

Tinnitus: this is extremely uncomfortable and could tremendously badly affect the quality of life. A constant ringing in your ears is frequently linked to whiplash. It is because of the jarring to the inner ear, head and neck.

Don’t waste time seeking corrective care

Seek treatment immediately if you think you are suffering from whiplash. Chiropractors ogden can implement a specialized and holistic approach to the treatment of whiplash regimens.

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